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Omaha NE Photography 

While in Omaha I spent a lot of time with Katie and finally met her boyfriend Chris, plus saw Taiden who I once babysit when I lived in Nebraska. Katie had asked that I photograph her little family because she's never had professional  family photos taken of her and her son! Katie and I have a special connection, we were both teen moms. We both had babies our senior year of high school, married in high school (or a couple days after). We have so many things in common and it's nice to have someone that can relate, vent and give advice because we have gone through a lot of the same things most people haven't.  Katie is one of the strongest women I know, she's an amazing person and mother. She has the best relationship with her son and has raised him to be an amazing smart and responsible young man. Katie has been through so much in her life, events that no one should ever have to deal with but she survived and became a stronger person. I love this lady!! 

We also took a road to Missouri to visit our friend Candice from high school. The 3 of us enjoyed a night of reminiscing about life in middle school, high school, parenting, marriage and relationships. There's so many things that I have forgotten and extremely enjoyed this trip and time with my girls!  

Omaha NE Photographer