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Green Bay WI Family Photos

This was just the start of my Wisconsin fall family sessions! Peyton and Ethan are so freakin' cute.. and so were mom and dad! I love letting the kids take a little break, maybe run around!! Enjoy that fresh air!!  So I can take a few loving photos of just mom and dad! Parents always say "This feels like engagement photos all over again".. and it should! Just because you've been together several years and have children doesn't mean you stop taking photos of just the two of you! Kiss! Cuddle!! Show your babies how much you love each other! During one of the mom and dad photos Ethan was playing but stopped .. backed up.. and just stood there watching his parents kiss and hug! Kids need to see that! 

Let's talk about Peyton.. I could have photographed her all night picking and playing with the flowers! She's so sweet and caring! I wish I could stick her in my pocket and take her home! 

Enjoy this beautiful family... 


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