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Green Bay WI Family Photography

Reid... Let's just say. He has the typical toddler attitude. 1. I must not look at the camera 2. I must run around 3. I must make silly faces because Karen is asking me to smile. That's okay.. Karen has three children. One that is running laps from the kitchen through the living room as I prepare this post, even though I've asked 5 times to stop. I love a challenge. I love being able to show mom and dad that even though their child may have been "a handful" during their session, we still end with some amazing family photos. 

So we picked flowers, we walked, we looked for bugs, we jumped, we sat rocks, we ate snacks and walked in water until Reid was finally distracted enough to sit or stand and look at the camera..for at least a few photos. 

I'd say Reid -1 Karen-1 .. Karen took all the smiling/looking photos for mom and dad. Reid thought his "I'm not going to look at her" photos would turn out bad, but they actually turned into photos that I consider timeless photos that could be turned into art and hung in his family home for many years. 

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