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Sepia Wedding Chapel and Rock Garden Green Bay WI Wedding 

I have to start by saying I have NEVER photographed a groom that cried as much as Kory! I mean.. there were times during the bride/groom photos that Kory had to stop and take a little break because he couldn't look at Heather without crying tears of happiness... take a look I shared photos of this below. 

Heather and Kory married at Sepia Wedding Chapel in Green Bay, one of my favorite chapels because the light is so pretty and it's nicely decorated! Then we drove to Pamprin Park for the bridal party photos, where I had a little helper a.k.a Grandma and her iPad. Finally, we were off for dinner and dancing at Rock Gardens. The cake topper for this wedding was a Bison tube from the goecache from when Kory proposed to Heather.

This was the first ceremony that request guests to "Unplug" for the ceremony!! I LOVE  LOOVVVVEEEE this idea, there have been so many moments this year where guest have gotten in my way when the bride walks down the aisle, or iPhones raised in the air from guest seats during the ceremony. I would much rather stand in the back of the church/chapel/outside ceremony but most of the time it's not possible due to guests trying to take photos. I would love to stress more to family and friends..  please...pause..turn off the phones and be present! 

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