Florida Click N Chat with Julie Paisley

Last week I traveled to Panama City Beach Florida to take part in a Julie Paisley Photography click n chat and enjoy some sun/beach with my sisters for our first girl getaway. I tried a lot of new things and learned a lot about myself expanding my horizons. Here's my favorites from the click n chat! Next month I travel to Nashville to meet Julie Paisley but this time to learn about shooting film and becoming a hybrid shooter. I love being able to travel and meet all these wondering people. 

Vendor love...

Erin & David for modeling for us and allowing the group to your family home for this session.

Julie Paisley Photography for being wonderful and making this experience so fun!

Thank you Panache Tent and Event for the GORGEOUS Bouquet.

Tuxedo Source was also very happy to provide David's Tuxedo for the photo shoot.