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Green Bay WI Family Photography

In August, right before a thunderstorm.  I spent the evening with Scott, Jocelyn, Myla and Liam!! I heart this family! This is my 3rd year photographing them and I love seeing how the kids grow and remember me each year! Myla is so sweet and quiet and Liam..well...he's a "Liam" (same as mine). Full of energy and definitely makes his presence known! 

Scott and Jocelyn are such a cute couple and you can see their love for each other in every photo! There were so many amazing photos and I love the mood that was created with the black & whites, I shared a lot of pics from this family session! Jocelyn recently started a jewelry business and gave me a couple of bracelets as a gift after the session! Every girl likes jewelry right? You can find her work at Maeli Designs on Etsy! 

Enjoy their family photos! .. We even had a little fun with some umbrellas! 

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