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I love watching this family grow every year! This year Myla lost her top two front teeth right before family pictures. Liam showed up so excited to see me that he fell before photos even started and got his pants dirty. This Liam is like my Liam so this didn't surprise me. The meaning of the name Liam is " Strong Willed" and that he is BUT also funny, sweet and full of energy. I swear Jocelyn and Scott never age, and still madly in love! 

As we were saying our good byes I hugged each member of the family (like I do every year) but this year it was different. I realized that I won't see this family until next year. It's amazing how things change each year and how kids grow. I know.. I should know this because I have three children but it really didn't hit me until after this session how important it is to have family photos taken every year. Then I was sad ( long ride home from Green Bay :) ) because I have only had my own family photos taken twice..TWICE!! This year my oldest is in high school. I missed out on all those cute hugging poses. Sitting as a family, hugging, cuddling and kissing. So please! Have a photographer document your family every year or at least every other year because children really do grow fast and change every year. 


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