Kansas City MO Family Photographer | Hill Family

Over Thanksgiving I traveled to my friend Candice's house to photograph her husband's extended family. I spent two days with the Hill family, it was exactly want I needed after busy wedding season. I cuddled baby Colt to sleep, helped Calla dress pretty and Chip played the piano for me. Candice, Lindsey and I walked around Target without kids!!  I have known Candice since our Sophomore year of high school. That's over 18 years!! Candice I use to get TCBY cotton candy frozen yogurt after school or we'd stop at House of Lee for Chinese food. Candice was there when I became a mommy way too young and I was bridesmaid when she married Keith. She's one of my closest friends and I'm so thankful to have her in my life.

I usually photograph Candice, Keith and the kids once year but this year we squeezed in two sessions. The first one in August and the second one in November for the Hill extended family on the family farm just outside of Kansas City MO. 

Kansas City MO Family Photographer