Door County WI Photographer | Newborn Family Photos

Be ready for a lot of photos! A LOT of beautiful family photos! I have to say that I was a little nervous about this family session. I don't consider myself a lifestyle photographer, I only photograph a hand full of newborn sessions a year AND Erin is also a photographer. PLUS I planned to shoot film indoors. THANKFULLY Erin is an amazing interior decorator and baby June's nursery is all white! Perfect for shooting film.

Lucy was excited for photos, but Ruby not so much. Ruby had no plans of looking at my camera and smiling pretty. I'm about 98% sure she suffers from "Photographer Child Syndrome". This is a very real condition ( not really) afflicting children of photographers everywhere. Caused from an overexposure to a giant "fancy" camera shoved in their general direction their entire life, the symptoms include: inability to look directly at a camera..ever, unless wearing a completely unusable expression, temporary deafness, extreme wiggles and sudden fits of crying. I know all the signs, I have three children and rarely get a perfect photo of them together.  That leaves sweet baby June, she's such a perfect baby. June slept the entire time! June loves to be held, she loves her sisters annnnd she's learning to love her daddy. Erin and Adam told me that June loves her mommy but cries whenever daddy holds her. 

I love this family session so much! I'm sad that I have to stop editing and also jealous that I don't have photos of myself with our youngest! 


Door County WI Photographer Green Bay Newborn Family Photos