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Kate found me through another one of my brides, she styled Michelle's hair for her engagement session. They started chatting about their weddings, Michelle gave Kate my information. A couple days later Kate contacted me and now I can't wait to photograph Kate and Joe's wedding at Whispering Springs Golf Course in Fond du Lac. I recently photographed a wedding at Whispering Springs and fell in love with their venue! The reception hall and bar is very updated! White walls, wood floors and windows covering an entire wall facing sunset. 

I love Kate & Joe's love story so I have to share it here written by Kate ...

Joe and I met when I was 23 and he was 33. We dated very briefly then but I was young and not interested in anything serious. A year later he moved to Texas and we became remained friends- that friendship turned into a romance and we dated long distance for over a year. A long distance is hard and the stress did eventually cause a brief break up which was hard and we spent 6 months apart. One day in June of 2010 I went to a bar with friends and he was there. He pulled me outside alone and told me he loved me, that he packed everything he could fit into his truck and drove 22 hours to ask me if I'd at least consider being his friend again. We've been together ever since. 
Appleton Wedding Photographers High Cliff State Park Engagement Pictures