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I thought I would share my first blog post for 2016 with something very special to me!! 

I have been waiting for this moment FOR-EVA!! Finally one of my sister's is having a baby! I have been waiting for 14 years, since having my first child for my sisters to have children so my babies can have cousins...and yes I said COUSINS because Auntie Karen needs more babies in the family! 

On Christmas Eve after returning home from picking my sister and brother in law up from the Milwaukee airport, my sister handed me a gift. A pacifier in a box, I thought she was playing a joke and giving me a "christmas gift" but actually returning a pacifier that Liam (my youngest) had left at her house. Melissa would do this, but in my head I was like " Liam didn't use pacifiers" Then it hit me.. my baby, my bff, my forever soulmate is having a BABY! I was shocked and didn't give her a huge reaction but every time I receive a belly bump pic I get a little teary. 

So about a month ago when Melissa asked if I would fly from Wisconsin to Denver to be at the ultrasound to find out HE or SHE, I was like "ummm..heck yeah!" So here we are (Me + Liam)! We flew to Denver on Tuesday when it was 70 degrees but Mother Nature had other plans for this big ultrasound. Plans that included a massive snow storm, so big that I don't even know if my plane is taking us back to Chicago in 7 hours! 

This storm changed how and where we would photograph the reveal and the amount of amazing photos because it was only 32ish degrees out! Good thing I have a visit planned in May, July and August to share a huge amount of maternity photos! 

I can't wait to meet this little one! I show LOTS of snuggles and love!

Love Auntie Karen

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IT'S A BOY !!!!