DO IT FOR DILLON | Anaphylaxis Training | Fox Hills Resort

Anaphylaxis Training @ Fox Hills Resort

Nineteen months ago George and Angel Mueller lost their son Dillon Mueller to Anaphylaxis after being stung by a bee. Dillon nor his parents were aware that he had any allergies, because they didn't know he had allergies Dillon did not carry an epinephrine (epi) pen. If he would have had an epi pen handy after being stung it could have saved his life. 

Since Dillon's death his parents have worked to develop a program with the assistance of Dr. Markman, The City of Two Rivers & Rescue and the Wisconsin Department of Public Health to help spread awareness of Anaphylaxis and the need to have Epi pens readily available at businesses. A few weeks ago my husband David (who was on the ambulance and dispatched to help Dillion) was contacted by Angel to help develop this program and to teach the first class where business owners and the general public could learn to recognize the signs and treat anaphylaxis. This program will also provide hands on training showing people how to properly administer an epi auto-injector to provide aide until the first responders or paramedics arrive on scene. 

I am sharing this today because WBAY is also sharing this information on the news this evening at 4pm and the full story at 6pm. They came to the Two Rivers Fire Department to interview George & Angel Mueller plus David this morning while I happened to be there. After listening to their story I felt I also need to help raise awareness and help this family.

This training is at Fox Hills Resort this Thursday May 12th at 6pm and should last about an hour. The class is also FREE and open to the public. Angel is also selling t-shirts (pictured below) to raise money and help local businesses buy their epi pens. To sign up for the training or purchase a t-shirt you can contact Angel at (920) 905-3863 or email : 

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WBAY Interview HERE