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Two weeks ago my friend Michelle, a Knoxville, Nashville and East Tennessee Wedding Photography. We met last year at a Julie Paisley Film Workshop. I post in the Facebook group asking if anyone wanted to rent a car with me or willing to give me a ride. Michelle offered to pick me up. We exchanged phone numbers and talked on the phone for all of 5 minutes. I felt safe, she didn't sound like a serial killer so I was like ...okay I'm really going to hitch a ride with a complete stranger. 

The day of the workshop I flew out of Chicago and an hour later arrived at the Nashville airport. I sent Michelle a selfie, asked for one in I could of course forward it to! 

From that day forward Michelle has been one of my closest friends, we talk and FaceTime daily. Her son Brooks likes to call me way too early in the morning to say "Good Mornin !! During one of our conversations Michelle mentioned to me that Tennessee weddings normally don't have alcohol !! I was like WHAT...That can't be true! How do people dance?!? After hearing this I decided she HAD to visit Wisconsin and experience a Green Bay wedding at Lambeau Field.  

Two weeks ago she arrived in Wisconsin for her 4 day trip. We started with lunch in Milwaukee then traveled to Sturgeon Bay for shopping and Door County for wine and cheese tasting. Ending our day with headshot in Fish Creek. Here's a link to view the photos Michelle photographed of me. 

In the last year I have watch Michelle quit her full-time job to focus on growing her Michelle Lea Photographie business. She stays up waaaayyy to late working, researching and learning. Michelle is the sweetest southern lady I've met! I'm so happy to call her my friend! It happens to be her BIRTHDAY tomorrow, so this evening is the perfect time to blog her headshots wearing a "birthday tutu" !!

I can't wait for my trip to Church Hill Tennessee in 4 weeks to experience a double wedding weekend for two very different weddings, one in Knoxville TN and the other a small backyard wedding in Marion VA. 


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