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Sharing my thoughts about my 2017 business year and the future of Karen Ann Photography. Be ready... I'm about to ramble here because I'm blogging before coffee ;) 

I'm ending my 6th wedding season. From the beginning I never planned to shoot weddings, then a family member asked if I could photograph her wedding and I was hooked! Then each year I booked more and more weddings PLUS family sessions 3-4 nights a week. It was amazing for my business... but so stressful on my family and my health. I was gone 5 days a week and editing most days until midnight and shooting most nights and almost every weekend. I edit on a laptop from bed or my couch. Right now I don't have designated office area in the house. Most of the time, my equipment is sitting next to my bed, in the luggage waiting for the next wedding. 

I have an obsession for getting my clients their photos ASAP. I don't want my brides waiting more then 8 weeks for their photos, or for my family session mom's to wait over 4 weeks to see images of their sweet babies giggling. SOOO I work...and edit...and edit most days 10 hours a day. Giving my children 2 hour of mom time. Even in that 2 hours I'm answering emails, fb messages, Snapchat messages, Instagram messages and texts. Another part of the business is posting on social media.. Facebook personal page, Facebook business page, Instagram, Instagram story and Snapchat. It's a little overwhelming.

Every year I set goals for my business. Two years ago, I wanted to travel more... and I did ALOT. So last year my goal for 2017 was travel less by airplane and book 25 weddings. I did that.. kind of. For 2017 I photographed 27 weddings in the state of Wisconsin BUT since July 1st I've driven 12,300 miles on my new vehicle. ooopps!

So ( almost done rambling..not really) now my goal for 2018. I've learned from my 2017 wedding season that 28 weddings is crazy for one person! For 2018 I'd love to book 17..maybe 18 weddings. I currently have 14 weddings booked with my season starting mid May and ending mid September. So I still have the entire month of October open and few other dates in between. I also want to get back photographing more family sessions. I miss chasing around toddlers to get the perfect smile, I miss watching families cuddle and giggle and I miss watching the children's reaction when their parents kiss. With all that said... 

I've decided to look for a studio space. Similar to the studio below (see why I'm sharing this session with my goals) . I'm currently in the process of finding the perfect studio space to lease in the Manitowoc/Two Rivers/Mishicot area. I have to force myself to find a work/home life balance. My children are growing ( 16yo, 12yo and 6yo) and SUPER activate in sports. We're running somewhere every evening and I want to be that dance mom, football mom, wrestling mom, baseball mom on top of being a #momboss #mompreneur.

I fell in LOVE with my friend Cassie's studio layout while on my trip to Houston. I loved photographing her family lifestyle session INDOORS!! If you work outside in Wisconsin you know that it's miserable almost 6 months of the year. By adding the option of a studio space I can photograph all year long! WIN!! WIN!! AND the studio sessions can be scheduled during the day = less evenings away from home. 

With all that said.. I will share more about my studio space as soon as I find something and it's ready to schedule sessions HOPEFULLY before the end of year. If you'd like to be added to my waiting list feel free to email at .

Now take a look at this session of my friend Cassie owner of  Cassie C. Photography in Houston TX. My children and I recently traveled to Houston so Cassie could photograph a mommy and me session, my oldest is almost 16... I figured this year would probably be the last time he would allow me to cuddle and kiss him! In return I photographed Cassie's GORGEOUS family in her studio. 

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