The Riu Resort Montego Bay Jamaica Destination Wedding

I decided to let April (my assistant) explain her own experience as a bride by writing the blog post for her own wedding. 

"April 13, 2017 will be a day to remember for our entire lives.  Nick and I were surrounded with many people we love on the beach in Jamaica. It was a warm, sunny, beautiful day. 

Nick and I had some time alone in the morning and had breakfast together, then went our separate ways to get ready.  Before the ceremony we scheduled time for the first look and we were so thankful we did.  It was nice to have time together before the ceremony and it took some pressure off of that moment, as well as allowed us to have some private time together.  We took some pictures before the ceremony with our bridal party.  Then had the beautiful ceremony with everyone gathered around us.  We said our vows under a gazebo on the beach.  Then we went to have our family pictures and even got a group shot with everyone!  This was the time we were able to have family and group shots, and some private time.  Nick and I had our official first dance when some people were playing music.  It was a cute time for us and we were thankful Karen was able to capture it.  Dinner was an intimate setting with everyone sitting at the same table.  It was overlooking the ocean and the beautiful sunset.  The night continued to drinks and dancing at the disco.  

Being destination, many people we loved were unable to attend, which makes having photos to share the story so important.  We were able to spend quality time with everyone who attended throughout the weekand allowed us to really get to celebrate with everyone.  

One thing we loved about destination was the planning process! If you know me, I am not a huge planner, although I'm getting better, it's not my favorite thing. The resort took care of most of the details and I just had to make small decisions.  With that, I couldn't have some decor, flowers and other things I wanted.  Also, this puts a lot of trust into the planner and being sure they can fulfill your vision.  But in the end, I loved it all because a wedding is more than just a day, it's a beginning of a lifetime.

We wanted an experience for our ourselves and our guests and we were successful.  It was nice to have a vacation on top of our wedding.  We will always be grateful to everyone involved and everyone who sent well wishes.   

Looking at our pictures when we received them, I cried.  It was so fun to see the day and relive it."  

The Riu Resort Montego Bay Jamaica Destination Wedding