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Megan and Jacob meet each other in grade school and even played on the same soccer team when he was in 7th grade and she was in 8th. Megan said she was terrible and Jacob's dad was one of the coaches. But it wasn't until his junior year and her senior that they really started talking. Jacob sent a simple "Hey!" text and that's what started it all. They enjoy taking care of their pigs, chickens, farm cats, and dog Mocha. (Megan says:) I love that he's always been a hard worker and that he loves his job as a farmer; and although that means his schedule can be unpredictable and there are times when we barely get to see each other in summer, those nights when I can ride in the tractor with him are my favorite....... (Jacob says:) I love that she is willing to take care of all the animals and is not scared to get dirty. She deals with my busy schedule and when I'm not home she can take care of everything.


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