Surrogate Birth of Twins! Aurora Baycare Hospital Green Bay WI

I wanted to share the entire story of Pat and D'ann's surrogacy journey. What better way to explain this, then using D'ann's own words. This info was shared on D'ann's fb page. 

"I was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in January of 2012, I didn’t find out through a typical office visit with bad test results. No, I was rushed to the ER early one morning because my vertebrae completely shattered from a tumor I didn’t know was there (despite severe, excruciating pain I was dealing with for many months prior, thinking it was a slipped disc or something of the like.) I will never forget sitting at Saint Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee, on morphine and a bunch of other pain killers which all made me extremely groggy and foggy, and the thought of one day having children came to me. Why? I really have no idea. Quite honestly, the staff probably thought I was crazy and I sure know the doctor I was seeing at that time sure thought I was too (To be clear, I did not receive my treatment there or with that doctor, as I made the choice to seek a second and third opinion.) I will never forget the time he walked into my room and I asked him about the chances of having children one day. He looked at me and said, “You don’t have to worry about that.” My world was crushed and I knew exactly why he gave me that heart shaking response....when he expected me to make it 2 years, maybe 3 if lucky, it didn’t make sense to plan a future at all……

I remember praying so hard. When all statistics were against me and the odds were staring me in the face, planning a future made no sense at all. I recall just sitting there crying, wondering if going through all the treatments even made sense. And, yes, I was only 22. Somehow, though, I had a sense of peace. As I look back now, I wonder how I (my husband and family included) ever got through those days. But as I can see now, it was really the goodness of God guiding me through. HE was my hope and anchor when all hope seemed gone. 

When Pat and I first went about creating these embryos back in 2012, I had not yet started any of my cancer treatments. When we first went to the fertility clinic, we had only about one month of time to make these embryos since waiting any longer than that was not favorable for my outcome. 

Fast forward to June 7, 2017 our surrogate so graciously and willingly allowed our embryos to be implanted into her womb so she could help us start a family. We are beyond grateful to Sara for being such a selfless and giving individual and to her husband, Kevin, for being such an incredible support to her. Because of her sacrifice, Pat and I are able to become parents!

December 29th 2017 at 32 weeks, Sara gave birth to two boys, Buck Thomas (5lbs) and Brody Daniel (4lbs 4oz)! The boys are doing well. However, because they are premature, they are needing some help breathing since their lungs aren’t fully developed. The boys are in good hands at the Aurora Baycare NICU and will remain here for the next few weeks. Sara is a true trooper and she is doing great! I don’t think the smile ever vanished from her face, even during labor!"


I don't know what else I can say because D'ann did an amazing job sharing about their journey. This was such an amazing day to be part of and I'm so happy that the boys decided to arrive around 1:40pm BECAUSE that meant I could still make it to the wedding I was scheduled to photograph AND be at their birth. I have to add that Sara is an AMAZING women! She delivered twin boys NATURALLY ... no pain meds! She smiled through the entire process! She went from 1cm to 10cm and delivering the boys within 5 hours. I remember sitting in the hospital room at 12:30pm, (shortly after they checked Sara's progress stating that she was 4-5 cm) thinking that I was going to miss the birth. I figured they would be born around 4-5 pm. About 30 minutes later the room starting filling with nurses and equipment. I figured the staff knew something I didn't. I went in the hallway, called my bride and asked if I could show up about 20 minutes late. That actually worked better for her. So I sat watching the clock. I figured I had to leave by 2:20pm the latest. Around 1:35pm the Doctor came in and said it was go time! Shocked ...This is happening! AND it did! FAST! Within 10-15 mins both boys were born and on their way to the NICU. 


Green Bay WI Surrogate Birth of Twins

^^^ Above is the birth of Baby A Buck           vvvv Is the birth of Baby B Brody