Aurora Two Rivers Hospital Birth | Eleanor Rae

My cousin Sam had her FOURTH and final girl ! Today was suppose to be Eleanor's birthday, but the doctor decided Monday Eleanor needed to be delivered early. When I arrived to the hospital, thinking that I was going to take photos after the c-section. That changed and I was allowed in the operating room!! GAHHH!!! You guys... I love to photograph birth's. I personally think these photos are more important then newborn sessions. BUT...I'm also not a newborn photographer. I love that I can provide mom and dad photos, so dad can focus on being there for mom. 

Eleanor was born on her Great-Grandma Helen's birthday. She was at least 1 lb bigger then all of her sisters. I stayed after the birth to watch Eleanor's 3 big sisters see her for the first time. They were all so excited to see baby! 

Aurora Two Rivers WI Hospital Birth_6170.jpg