Badger State Brewing Green Bay WI Wedding and Reception | Alexis and Andrew

Alexis and Andrew met using a popular online dating website. Their first date on New Year's Eve (Dec 2014). Alexis and Andrew rang in the New Year at a place called Will's Northwoods Inn, it's one of very few Green Bay Packer establishments in the heart of Chicago. They both grew up in NE Wisconsin and joke that it took moving to Chicago to meet each other. Holiday's seem to be their thing and Andy popped the question on Christmas 2017.

The proposal according to Andrew: As they say...the best laid plans tend to go array. Such is the case when you’ve had an engagement ring burning a hole in your pocket, luggage and gift bags for over 24 hours. However, most of the plan went off without a hitch, as I wanted Lexi to have the final gift of Christmas at the Parkovich’s. As dinner went on and I knew I couldn’t wait much longer (despite wanting to wait until the next day), so I took an opportunity in the lull of activity to plant a final gift under the tree. No, it wasn’t the ring, but rather a makeup bag that just so happened to say “...but first, champagne” on it. On the inside I had wrapped two small bottles of champagne with a meaningful saying between the two of us on each one. As she unwrapped the second one I bolted to a knee and all the great things I wanted to say in my head simply came out as “Alexis Parkovich, will you marry me?” The surprise in her eyes was priceless, if only because she just looooovvvveesss surprises. I think she made an exception this time and after the shock wore off she did say yes!

Ceremony & Reception | Badger State Brewing

Florals | Buds N Bloom

DJ | Shaun Anthony

Bakery | The Runaway Spoon

Hair & Make Up | Sara Miller Makeup

Rentals | Vintage Farm Tables

Badger State Brewery Green Bay WI Wedding and Reception