St. Christopher's Episcopal Church and South Shore Park Pavilion Wedding


"They met through their friends Erica and Mike. Danielle came with Erica to Mike's birthday dinner. Although, they didn't talk very much that evening, besides Tim showing Danielle a few pictures of Misty (his dog) on his phone. Thankfully, Tim's friend Christian had the hunch that Danielle found him attractive and they had the chance to meet again several weeks later. This time, Danielle attended a house party with Erica thrown by Tim's friend Mike and his housemates. With new found confidence thanks to Christian's intel, Tim began to start a conversation with Danielle, sticking close by most of the evening. At the end of the evening, Tim offered Danielle a ride home and asked for her number. He decided to wait the customary "3 day rule" and finally called to ask Danielle out on a date.

Their first date was a great one. Tim and Danielle went to an Italian restaurants in Old Town Pasadena and the waiter had to come by several times before they were ready to order because they were enjoying our time talking so much. Over the course of the evening we both quickly realized this was something we wanted to continue to pursue. And the rest is history!

Tim proposed with an exciting scavenger hunt with bottled notes that required a new cipher for each clue. The clues led them on a trip down memory lane of all the significant moments of their relationship and ended with Tim proposing at Pasadena City Hall. Tim and Danielle love spending time together walking their dog Misty, spending time outdoors hiking or riding bicycles together, and enjoy playing music together. They have also enjoyed fixing up our new house like  Chip and Joanna Gaines!

I'm so excited that I was able to photograph Tim and Danielle's wedding day as they continue this journey of life together as newlyweds!

Ceremony | St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

Reception | South Shore Park Pavilion

Florals | Milwaukee Flower Co.

Bakery | Beans & Barley

DJ | Midwest Sound

St. Christopher's Episcopal Church and South Shore Park Pavilion Wedding