The Hollyhock House Engagement Photos | Door County WI Photographer | Courtney and Collin

Engagement Session at The Farm and Hollyhock House

Eekkk!! So excited this bride and groom were able to drive two hours from Steven's Point to Door County for their engagement session! We started at The Farm in Door County where you can feed, pet and carry the animals. It's a must if you have little ones! My children LOVED our visit!

Then we drove through Kewaunee to The Hollyhock House wedding venue! BEAUTIFUL location and grounds for the perfect wedding ceremony, reception or you can even stay the whole weekend making this Victorian home yours for 3 days! Rehearsals! Bon-fire! WEDDING! Gift opening! It's truly an all in one wedding venue. Kathy and Karen were a pleasure to meet! 

Their Love Story

A note from Courtney --"Collin and I met in high school, but we went to different schools. I hung out with his brother's group of friends and he was always with his brother. After hanging out together a few times we started dating on Collin's 16th birthday. Here we are 9 years later and the night before Thanksgiving Collin asked me if I wanted to go to Father Fats which is one of our favorite restaurants so I didn't think anything of it. When we got home we were packing to head to our parent's for the holiday. Well, Collin always has this thing he does when he is packing and that is be has me go through the list of everything he should have and when I got to white t-shirts he said, "no, could you grab them for me." So I went into the drawer and under a few shirts was a box and when I turned around he was down on one knee!!"

The Photos

The Hollyhock House in Door County WI Engagement Photo