Osthoff Resort Engagement | Elkhart Lake WI Photographer | Katie and Tony

Engagement Session at The Osthoff Resort 

In May I met this bride and groom who will marry this August on my birthday at Fox Hills Resort in Mishicot WI. After our first conversation and deciding the location for their engagement, I know the perfect middle meeting point. Elkhart Lake!!.. My family and I vaca there every year! So I thought meeting for drinks at Brown Baer was a great way to get Tony to relax and enjoy this evening as we walk about the city... but it didn't work! So next was stop was for ice cream at Siebkens. I mean... BEER + ICE CREAM + hot wife to be!?! Finally we walked around Osthoff Resort and listened to the band at Victorian Village !! That's all this groom needed! MUSIC !! He told me that he's going to be my best dancing groom! We shall see in August!

Their Love Story 

A note from the bride- " Tony and I met at UW La Crosse on the first day of college. Our roommates were dating. However, we did not even consider dating each other until our sophomore year of college. I saw where he sat in the cafeteria so I changed my usual spot to the other side so I could avoid him. We had anatomy class together sophomore year and as it is a hard class, decided to be study buddies. It worked, we both got a C in the class. And naturally started dating throughout the rest of college. Tony proposed on Christmas Eve at midnight at home. We had been dating for 7 and a half years so I figured it was coming soon. He was so weird and not Tony-like all day on Christmas Eve leading up to the proposal. We also had a lot to drink that day. We agreed not to get each other Christmas presents because we are really bad at gift giving for each other. He said “Katie let’s exchange Christmas gifts” and I was super upset that he got me a gift and I didn’t get him anything. He got us Kenny Chesney tickets at Lambeau Field for this June! I felt like an awful girlfriend. Then he said he had something else for me and went in the bedroom and pulled out a tiny box, got down on one knee and proposed."