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Milwaukee WI Wedding Photographer Meets Southern Weddings

 Last year I met my sweet friend Michelle owner of Michelle Lea Photographie at a film photography workshop in Nashville TN. Over winter we talked about how weddings in Wisconsin are different then weddings in the South. We decided to travel to each other's home and experience the difference. Michelle is the ying to my yang...I shoot Canon, she shoots Nikon. I shoot Kodak Portra film and she shoots Fuji. 

In, April Michelle traveled here to shoot a wedding with me at the Green Bay Packers Stadium, you know ....when in WI one must travel to Lambeau Field!!  Not only did Michelle to get see the stadium she also got to walk on the field! You can find this wedding HERE

At the beginning of June it was my turn to travel to Church Hill TN. I experienced two Southern weddings one in Knoxville TN and the other in Marion VA. The Knoxville wedding took place at a family friend's property, with the ceremony scheduled to be outside and the reception inside a beautifully decorated barn. Mother Nature had other plans = rain...LOTS of rain! So much rain that even the barn flooded. So Michelle, I and the bridal party moved tables and chairs to create an aisle for Caleb and Jessica. You can view that wedding HERE.

The next day we traveled to Marion VA and photographed Bryce and Chris get married in the middle of a field surrounded by around 20 friends and family members. Bryce wanted to make sure that her Granny could be at their wedding. Not only was Granny at the wedding she was also the officiant. Bryce's father could not get over how grown up and beautiful his daughter looked in her wedding dress, he kept saying " I still remember you being my little girl." TEARS..y'all... Instant tears! I have a special place in my heart for father of the brides and this is one father I will never forget. You can view Bryce and Chris's elopement HERE

Not only did I experience two weddings, I also photographed Michelle's family. Michelle's son Brooks has the cutest Southern accent and her husband Dustin is so sweet and a great father. I enjoyed my time in TN and can't wait to travel back soon. 

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