Summers in Wisconsin | Door County WI Photographer

The 4th of July has always and will forever be my favorite holiday. When I was growing up my sisters, mom and I lived in Omaha Nebraska. Each year we would go to the Henry Doorly Zoo in the morning then spend the afternoon waiting for the Rosenblatt Stadium fireworks. By waiting I mean..sitting on a bridge for HOURS to claim the best spot. It was one of the biggest firework displays in the Midwest plus it was set to music. We would pass time by playing card games, talking, walking around, waiting for the cotton candy/ice cream man to walk past.  I LOVE fireworks, I loved listening to the song "America the Beautiful" by Ray Charles every year at every firework display. That is/was/will always be my favorite memory as a child. One day, I hope to take the kids back to Omaha to experience that same 4th of July. 

Our Wisconsin 4th of July is a little different, possibly better. When I met David we have always celebrated with friends, friends that have accepted and treat us like family. I look forward to the 4th of July weekend now just like I did as a child. Those that know us, know that David and I like BUT every 4th of July we go to our friends cottage for a day of fun on the river, pontoon rides where there will always be a Johnny Cash song played. Tubing! Swimming! Grilling! Ummm...drinking! Dirt and Sweat! Peeing in an outhouse! No phones! No cameras! Kids running around exploring, looking for fish and bugs. Laughter...Lots of Laughter! We always end with our own firework display, cuddled up with the kids. 

Here we are..another year but the same tradition. I hope the kids cherish this day like I do.