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A Lighthouse Inn Wedding

Becky and Billy married at Good Shepherd Church in Two Rivers WI. This is the same church that Becky's parents were married in AND Billy's father is the current Pastor of Good Shepherd. It was a beautiful ceremony full of tears and love. After the ceremony the bridal party loaded the school bus ( Becky's a teacher) and we traveled around for photos ending at Lighthouse Inn for the reception and sunset beach photos. 

You can view Becky and Billy's engagement session here



Becky and Billy's  parents met at a retirement party for the Pastor of Becky's church at the time. They got to talking, and realized they both had single children. Billy's parents mentioned to him about the conversation, and Billy ended up sending Becky a Facebook message asking if she wanted to hang out sometime! Becky was getting ready to leave the country for a few weeks , so she didn't think much about the message and ended up forgetting about it.

A few weeks later after she had returned from her travels, Becky received a strange voicemail from her grandma saying how she "couldn't believe what she had done". Becky called her grandma and learned that she went up to Billy after church and told him that he needed to contact Becky again. Becky was worried that her grandma may have embarrassed Billy at church, so she sent him a Facebook message apologizing! Billy said that it was fine and that he wasn't embarrassed at all...and proceeded to ask if I wanted to hang out the next day!  Becky said yes, and the next day they met at Neshotah beach. They spent the rest of the day/night, and the rest is history! Becky remembers calling her mom the next day to say that she knew one day she was going to marry Billy :) 

Thank you Grandma!! 


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