Standing Bear Lake Omaha NE Family Photographer

In August I made my yearly trip back to Omaha Nebraska to see my friends from high school. For those that don't know, I grew up in Nebraska. My mother, sisters and I moved then when I was around 6 years old. I went to a WELS Lutheran Grade School, then my Freshman year of High School I traveled to Waco NE. I continued in the WELS school system by attending a boarding school. After my Freshman year I decided boarding school was not for me and went back to Omaha and start Public High School for the remainder of High School. Northwest High School is where I met Tiffany and Luke, along with many other amazing friends!

This trip to Omaha was a little different! I didn't fly!..and I brought my husband to see where I grew up! David and I drove the 10 hours across Illinois and Iowa (road trips are not our favorite), we made it in one day! 

I loved being able to show David where I grew up, show him my schools and the house I grew up in. I loved that he was able to meet friends that mean so much to me and watch me work.. not just a wedding. I also LOVED driving around the city I grew up in and can't wait for next year. 


Here's a few photos from the Lehan family. I'm so happy that Tiffany and Luke ask me photograph the boys every year, I love watching Declan and Landon grew! 

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