Door County WI Small Weddings | Gordon Lodge

Jessica is the PERFECT example of a DIY Bride! She made her own wedding cake, her own AHH-MAAZZZINGG macarons AND created her own wedding bouquet and centerpieces. Jessica and Jones ordered florals from Flower Moxie and did a great job arranging florals for the reception decor. Instead of a DJ or band they hired someone to play an accordion during the ceremony and reception. They traveled all the way from Georgia for their intimate Door County wedding at Gordon Lodge in Bailey's Harbor. 

Jessica wore Jones grandma's fur and his Aunt Mary's Valley View Boxwood Garden Bracelet. This bracelet was created to match the layout of the garden's at the family plantation. The boxwood used to make Jones boutonniere was also from the plantation..and I could be wrong BUT I believe the plant was over 100 years old ! Jones, his uncle, future father in law and I all enjoyed a shot of aged Old Rip Van Winkle Bourbon. 

Jones reaction to seeing Jessica for the first time is PRICELESS! 

Ceremony & Reception | Gordon Lodge in Door County WI 

Florals | Ordered from Flower Moxie 

Desserts | By the Bride



Door County WI Small Wedding, Gordon Lodge in Bailey's Harbor