Green Bay WI Fall Engagement Photos | Deanna and Tim

Deanna and Time met in college where they both swam on the swim team.

"When I met him I knew there was something about him and we were going to end up together. Started dating about 3 months into college and have been together since (9 years). I actually knew of Tim when we were younger (he was a really great swimmer and one of the top in the state). I would always hear his name being called as the winner so of course I would watch him swim and watch him after his races. When I heard we were going to the same college I was really excited to get to know him as a person. I would also tell my college room mates that I could see Tim and I marrying one day...and here we are" - Deanna

Deanna and Tim's wedding is my first for 2018! I can't wait to photograph their wedding at Gather On Broadway. 

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