St. Norbert Old St. Joe's Wedding and Chateau De Pere Reception

Hayley & Thomas love story... by Hayley

"1. I remember the story of our first date like it was yesterday. During my senior year at Marquette University, my friends and I loved going out downtown in Milwaukee. Our nights consisted of getting “girls night” drinks at a bar downtown, and venturing over to Water street. I had no idea that Friday night I was going to meet my future husband. We were out enjoying ourselves, and decided to go to Buckheads Saloon (which is now shut down, haha!) to get Justine, my best friend at the time, some water. Might as well go in and have some fun dancing, we all thought. I must have been running to the bathroom, or vice versa but we literally bumped into each other. I’m talking, ran into each other! I’m so glad we talked for a few minutes and you asked for my phone number, and had me put my full name in your phone. The next day, a Facebook friend request appears. Thomas Schreihart – hmmm, who is this? I remember thinking, oh my goodness, the guy from last night! I did stalk your facebook page a bit and saw 1) you were born on Christmas – how cool? And 2) we both studied Mathematics in school. It was fate! I can remember one of my good friends was over, Josalyn, and she looked at your facebook page too and said out loud “Hayley, that’s your future husband!” – it’s so clear in my mind even though it was well over 6 years ago. I’m so glad you asked me to hang out that weekend, and then we officially went on our first date at Cheesecake Factory a week or two later when you visited Madison again. I remember being really nervous because you kept changing the restaurant on me, first it was a place downtown, then it was another one, and then finally we decided on Cheesecake Factory. I did a little research pre-date to see what I would order so I didn’t look silly. Our date, I honestly cannot remember what we talked about, but I do remember you put your arm around me while we were waiting for our table and I felt so safe and got butterflies. I knew you were such a caring, charming guy and that this date was going to go really well. We had so much to talk about, and I honestly felt like I had known you for years. The way you treated me, talked to me, and cared for me is how I knew you were so special and someone I wanted to really get to know. The rest is history"

December 29th 2017 they got married at Old St Joe's Parish at St. Norbert college, surrounded by 30 family members and friends. As soon as Thomas saw Hayley he immediately started crying, it was the sweetest moment ever! You can feel the love and joy in every photo. After the ceremony they welcomed guests to Chateau De Pere for dinner. Hayley never wanted a large wedding, she always envisioned a dinner. The room was full of beautiful flowers, greenery by Ebb N Flow Flowers with GOLD accents. My favorite part...the amazing macarons by Almond & Ivy. 


Ceremony | Old St Joes Church at St Norbert College

Dinner | Chateau De Pere

Florals | Ebb n Flow Flowers

Bakery | Almond & Ivy

Wedding Planner | Toast Weddings and Events LLC

Hair & Make Up | Shimmer Salon & Studios


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