Why Monat has changed my life ...

I started using Monat in mid June. After having a hysterectomy December of 2015 my hormones changed and I started losing hair. A LOT of hair!! My hair even changed texture. I've always had long, frizzy/dry hair. It was growing like crazy. BUT after the hysterectomy my hair started thinning, would get really greasy and stopped growing. I saw my OBGYN, 2 Endocrinologist, Dermatologist and a Holistic Doctor. They ran every blood test possible but everything came back normal. It's a side effect of the hysterectomy and stress. My OBGNY knew that it was hormones but all tests came back normal.

I tried switching my shampoo/conditioner... I used 6-8 different kinds. From the salon, Avada salon, Dermatologist, Ulta and even horse shampoo. Nothing worked, everything would leave my hair weighed down and greasy within a day. That's when I decided to invest in Monat. I already tried everything I could think of, saw every Doctor and ran every test. I followed my friend Sarah Hill and her journey with Monat, after her for 4 months. I figured I couldn't hurt to invest in Monat.

I'm sharing photos of my progress .. my hair before the hysterectomy, after with the thinning, after the first wash with Monat, photos after the 3rd wash and more recent photos. After the first wash my hair was soft, silky, dries so much faster and I wash less. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, even after shooting a wedding in the 90 degree humidity my hair was perfect and not greasy. I really can't explain how well it works. My hair is healthy and growing again! It has grown over 10 inches since April. AND there's no split ends! I've been able to push my hair cuts and color treatment out to 10 + weeks. My last cut and color was in October, next appt is in February. 

Monat has several different lines for different types of hair and hair goals. My goal was to get my hair growing so I started with the Intense Repair Line.

I know that people look at the pricing and think "Man! It cost a lot" BUT .. it's same prices as salon products AND most of the products will last 4-6 months. I started in June and still using some of my first bottles. 

This was my hair 4 years ago...before Monat..before Hysterectomy

This was my hair 4 years ago...before Monat..before Hysterectomy

My hair in October.. after only 4 months of using Monat I feel like my pre Hysterectomy hair is back!!!!

My hair in October.. after only 4 months of using Monat I feel like my pre Hysterectomy hair is back!!!!

Monat offers five ahhmazing shampoos. How do you know which is the best for you?
...the answer depends on your hair goals. You don't have to figure it out on your own or simply guess.
5 shampoos.
All designed to gently cleanse your hair of products, residues, environmental pollutants & toxins without stripping away the good stuff your hair needs to look and feel its best. Renew Shampoo, Revive Shampoo, Intense Repair Shampoo (repairs your scalp), Black 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner, & The Champ Dry Shampoo.

Renew Shampoo is our Hydration Line Shampoo. It is formulated with the highest concentration of Rejuvenique oil Intensive, multiple gentle cleansers to remove different types of dirt & grime, and excellent humectants & emollients to leave your strands hydrated, soft, supple, & brilliant with shine. This shampoo is salt & sulfate free, penetrates & moisturizes the scalp and boosts hair health and growth. It restores hair to a more youthful appearance and is perfectly safe for color treated hair.
Revive Shampoo is the shampoo you want when you desire bombshell volume. Revive is designed with fine limp, lifeless hair in mind and is on a mission to increase volume, bounce, vitality & brilliance. The different cleansers are layered and work in concert to leave your strands clea, hydrated, & pumped up. Revive helps increase hair health, density, and scalp health. You'll enhance volume and provide your strands with weightless moisture. Ingredients that improve comb ability, reduce friction, static, & tangling are packed into this shampoo. What you get is incredible volume without the dirty greasy feel many volume products leave in their wake.
Intense Repair Shampoo is for those with *extreme* hair loss/thinning hair. Formulated with invigorating mint and growth promoting rosemary, this shampoo also has 2 times the amount of growth promoting capixyl over Renew & Revive. Capixyl is a tested and proven naturally based hair loss remedy derived from Red Clover. IRT Shampoo is a maximum strength growth & density product that works quickly to reduce scalp inflammation and DHT build up in the scalp, allowing for rapid repair of the factors limiting & reducing growth.
Black 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for juuuuuust about everyone. The best cleansing & conditioning in a single bottle saves time and steps. I love this product as a stand alone for hair 4 inches or less in length. If you have longer hair, pair with a rinse out conditioner for the perfect solution of soft, supple, moisturized tresses. You'll get a great pick me up from the invigorating chocolate mint aroma. Monat Black has twice the amount of capixyl over Renew & Revive shampoos in a convenient one step cleansing & conditioning formula. The extra capixyl gets right at scalp inflammation & DHT build up that limits growth and causes the majority of hair thinning and loss. If you have thin hair, color treated hair, or are experiencing detox, the Black shampoo will 100% be a must!! Keeps brassiness out of your hair and clarifies while still being gentle and conditioning. Say ✌🏼 to purple shampoo!!
The Champ Dry Shampoo is the BEST dry shampoo I've ever used, and Ive tried them all! This dry shampoo does a better job without any damaging talc or drying alcohols. Talc can cut & abrade the cuticle leaving a dull sheen, & damage behind. Typical alcohols evaporate and pull moisture out of your hair strand as they evaporate. The Champ is formulated with Rice starch and moisture rich alcohols. Rice starch offers the smallest particulate which keeps the white residue from showing up. That's right, you won't look like George Washington's wig! Cane alcohols leave rich humectants & emollients behind after evaporation so you can rest assured your dry shampoo isn't sucking the moisture out of your strands. You get a quick easy time saving application that will referesh your tresses, absorb oils, and boost volume and texture.
Every Monat shampoo is formulated with rejuvenique oil intensive to nourish & protect your strands. Every rinse out shampoo is formulated with the growth encouraging & enhancing ingredients leaving your strands clean, hydrated, protected and nourished. With continued use you can expect less hair fall, which means reduced thinning, and increased density, meaning a longer, fuller, stronger, younger-looking head of hair.

There's THREE ways to buy Monat .. Retail, VIP or Market Partner. VIPs cannot sell but Market Partners can. You DO NOT have to sell as a Market Partner. 

If you'd like more information feel free to email at karenann.photos@gmail.com   Join my Facebook group  LOVE Your New Hair With Karen Murack    or go to www.kmurack.mymonat.com 

If you'd like more information feel free to email at karenann.photos@gmail.com 

Join my Facebook group LOVE Your New Hair With Karen Murack

or go to www.kmurack.mymonat.com 

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